Crop Production Simulation

This simulation allows you to adjust input levels, input costs, and crop revenues while growing a virtual cabbage crop. By experimenting with different levels of inputs, costs, and revenues, you can determine the optimum or economic yield for each economic situation. Try a few simulations on your own (click the help button in the simulation for more info) before attempting the exercises at the bottom of this page.

Running the Sim

Set the refresh levels to 0% and run the simulation. What happens to the crop? Record your yield.

Now set fertility to a refresh level of 90% and the moisture refresh level to 0%. Does this improve growth? Why or why not?

Set the fertility refresh level at 80% and vary the moisture level. Try moisture levels of 95%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, and 40%. Which level results in the highest yield? Which results in the highest profit?

Set both the fertility and moisture refresh levels at 80%. Run this simlution several times, adjusting the prices of inputs and the crop. What prices maximise farmer profits? Under what conditions does the farmer suffer a loss?

What is the optimum refresh level for fertilizer when the moisture refresh level is set at 80%, the unit price of the crop is $60, the unit price of water is $2 and the unit price of fertilizer is $20?