Modules | Vegetable IPM

The Vegetable IPM course is designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to vegetable IPM. It builds on the course entitled Introduction to IPM and uses an approach based on case studies to investigate the specifics of IPM in vegetables.

Vegetable IPM: Module 1

Module 1: Local Pest and Disease Problems Given the nature of this course and those who participate in it, we are pretty sure that almost all of you have something to do with vegetable pest and disease management. Some of you are providing general advice to client farmers. Some of you are involved in selling […]

Vegetable IPM: Module 2

Module 2: “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure” Module Overview Did you notice the title of this module? Most of you are probably familiar with this old proverb and what it means. For those of you more comfortable with metric measurements we should probably restate it as – “A gram of […]

Vegetable IPM: Module 3

Module 3: “Look Before You Leap” Module Overview We certainly covered a lot of ground in the last module on pest prevention. Following these practices can definitely mean not having to implement expensive ‘cures’ during the growing season. But even if a farmer does everything discussed there is no guarantee that pests will not find […]

Vegetable IPM: Module 4

Module 4: “He Who Hesitates is Lost” Taking Action against Pests Module Overview Despite our best efforts, preventative methods sometimes fail to prevent excessive insect damage in vegetable crops. If you have correctly diagnosed a pest problem and your scouting activities indicate that the pest has reached dangerous levels and is not likely to be […]

Vegetable IPM: Module 5

Module 5: Promoting Vegetable IPM Among Farmers Lesson 5.1: The Value of Farmer Experimentation Farmers often test IPM methods to see if they will be useful on their farms. This is called farmer experimentation and is an essential element of any IPM system. No two regions are exactly alike. Soil or climate may be different.  […]