Modules | Rice IPM

Rice IPM is designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to IPM practices for rice production. It builds on the course entitled “Introduction to IPM” but focuses on specific IPM practices associated with rice cultivation.

Rice IPM: Module 1

Module 1. Introduction to Rice as a Crop Module Overview It is certain that the domestication of rice ranks as one of the most important developments in history, for this grain has fed more people over a longer period of time than has any other crop. (Huke and Huke, 1990) As this quote illustrates, rice is a […]

Rice IPM: Module 2

Module 2. The First Rule of Rice IPM – Grow a Healthy Crop Module Overview Rule one is the foundation of all IPM programs and is particularly important for rice. So what is involved in observing this rule? Actually, it has very little to do with entomology or pathology but is based on practicing good […]

Rice IPM: Module 3

Module 3. The Second Rule of Rice IPM – Observe Fields Weekly Module Overview It has been proven consistently that the most successful farmers, and the ones with the least amount of pest problems, share two characteristics. They have a good understanding of the biological processes that determine the health of the crop agroecosystem and […]

Rice IPM: Module 4

Module 4. The Third Rule of Rice IPM – Agroecosystem Management Module Overview If we were strictly following FAO’s IPM rules this module would only focus on the conservation of natural enemies. However, as we explained in the first module, we have taken a broader interpretation of this rule. In this module we will therefore […]

Rice IPM: Module 5

Module 5. The Fourth Rule of Rice IPM – Unlocking Farmers’ IPM Expertise Module Overview You must be aware by now that an awful lot is known about IPM for rice. We know the rules, we know the underlying concepts, we know the organisms and we know the management practices needed to effectively manage pests […]