Modules | Introduction To IPM

The Introduction to IPM modules were designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to IPM.

Introduction To IPM: Module 1

Module 1: Defining IPM Lesson 1.1: IPM Defined – IPM Components There are several different interpretations of the term integrated pest management (IPM) as we will see later. It may be useful to start by explaining the meaning of the three words that make up the term. Integrated is defined in one dictionary as ‘to […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 2

Module 2: IPM Foundation Principles and Concepts Module Overview In this module we will introduce some of the fundamental principles associated with IPM. The first principle is that the basic management unit of IPM is the agro-ecosystem and that any management action that does not consider the system as a whole may produce unexpected and even undesirable […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 3

Module 3: Tools, methods, and tactics of IPM By this stage of the course you have a good idea of what IPM comprises, and have looked into some of the fundamental concepts underlying this approach to pest management. In this module we would like to introduce some of the major tools that are used in […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 4

Module 4: Implementation of IPM Module Overview In the previous Modules you have learned a considerable amount about what IPM is (and isn’t), key concepts underlying IPM, and also about the range of preventative, interventive, and regulatory tools used. In this module you will be required to integrate this information and knowledge and use it […]