Modules | Cotton IPM

The Integrated Pest Management for Cotton course is designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to IPM in cotton.

Cotton IPM: Module 1

Module 1 – Introductions Lesson 1.1: Botany and History of Cotton Cotton belongs to the genus¬†Gossypium, family Malvaceae, which also includes¬†Hibiscus, okra, baobab and cocoa. Relatives of cotton are therefore grown commercially or as ornamentals around the world. There are also many other species of this plant family that are neither commercial nor ornamental but […]

Cotton IPM: Module 2

Module 2. Observing Rule One – Grow a Healthy Crop Now that the introductory part is out of the way we are ready to move on to the main part of our course – designing a practical IPM approach for a cotton growing area with which you are familiar. For those of you who participated […]

Cotton IPM: Module 3

Module 3. Observing Rule Two – Farmers’ Roles Module Overview After finishing the last module you should now have developed an effective and practical IPM approach for your area. But, the question now becomes – So What? Your ideas will not make any difference if you cannot get this information to the farmers you serve […]