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Responsible Pesticide Use: Module 1

Module 1. Background Concepts The world population is now over seven billion people, who all need to be properly fed. This rising population rightly expects to have nutritious food that is safe to eat, and not too costly. There are many organisms that can reduce the output of farming, and could cause catastrophic food shortages […]

Responsible Pesticide Use: Module 2

  Module 2: Basic Approach to Responsible Use of Pesticides Module overview Welcome to Module 2. In the previous module we raised some risks that can be posed by pesticides and the FAO Code of Conduct that is designed to address these problems. In this second module we would like to give you an idea […]

Responsible Pesticide Use: Module 3

Module 3: Promoting Responsible Use Among Farming Communities Module overview It is important to have a thorough understanding of responsible pesticide use and associated pest management practices. However, the value of this knowledge can be multiplied several fold if you also know how to effectively pass this information on to farmers and convince them to […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 1

Module 1: Defining IPM Lesson 1.1: IPM Defined – IPM Components There are several different interpretations of the term integrated pest management (IPM) as we will see later. It may be useful to start by explaining the meaning of the three words that make up the term. Integrated is defined in one dictionary as ‘to […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 2

Module 2: IPM Foundation Principles and Concepts Module Overview In this module we will introduce some of the fundamental principles associated with IPM. The first principle is that the basic management unit of IPM is the agro-ecosystem and that any management action that does not consider the system as a whole may produce unexpected and even undesirable […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 3

Module 3: Tools, methods, and tactics of IPM By this stage of the course you have a good idea of what IPM comprises, and have looked into some of the fundamental concepts underlying this approach to pest management. In this module we would like to introduce some of the major tools that are used in […]

Introduction To IPM: Module 4

Module 4: Implementation of IPM Module Overview In the previous Modules you have learned a considerable amount about what IPM is (and isn’t), key concepts underlying IPM, and also about the range of preventative, interventive, and regulatory tools used. In this module you will be required to integrate this information and knowledge and use it […]

Vegetable IPM: Module 1

Module 1: Local Pest and Disease Problems Given the nature of this course and those who participate in it, we are pretty sure that almost all of you have something to do with vegetable pest and disease management. Some of you are providing general advice to client farmers. Some of you are involved in selling […]